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Cutter, Scissors & Blades

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Dahle Trimmer Cutter 507 -320mm - Blue Colors

Dahle Trimmer Cutter 507Printed table with rule and standard paper formats. Enclosed ground blade fo..

RM 250.00 Ex Tax: RM 235.85

Maped Reflex 3d Vivo Left Handed Scissors - 472510

Maped Reflex 3d Vivo Left Handed ScissorsMaped lightweight left handed child scissors with blades re..

RM 4.90 Ex Tax: RM 4.62

Novus B2200 Replacement -025-0490

Replacement cutters and disks for the Novus B2200 hole punch. Sold as a set of 2 Cutters and 8 Disks..

RM 148.00 Ex Tax: RM 139.62

Olfa 180 Black Metal Handle Standard Cutter AB 9mm

OLFA® Metal Body Slide Mechanism Utility Knife With Blade Snapper (180)This 9mm snap blade has 13 cu..

RM 9.70 Ex Tax: RM 9.15

OLFA 60mm Tungsten Tool Steel Rotary Blade (RB60-1)

Olfa Blade for RT ModelKeep the Olfa Rotary Blade at hand in case you need a spare, so you won't hav..

RM 28.90 Ex Tax: RM 27.26

Olfa A-2 Standard Cutter with a Rubber Grip AB 9mm

Olfa Standard-Duty Slide Lock Utility KnifeThe Olfa Standard-Duty Slide Lock Utility Knife A-2 cutte..

RM 12.00 Ex Tax: RM 11.32

Olfa AB-6 Spare Blade

Olfa Spare BladesThis pack of 6 silver snap-off blades is a lifesaver when you're busy working on a ..

RM 5.00 Ex Tax: RM 4.72

Olfa AK-4 Art Professional Art Knife with ComfortGrip 3P Blade

OLFA® Cushion Grip Knife (AK-4)This versatile OLFA® knife has an anti-slip, cushion-grip handle, giv..

RM 58.30 Ex Tax: RM 55.00

Olfa ASBB-10 Spare Blade

Olfa Spare BladesOlfa Excel Black replacement blades, small ABB; 25% sharper than the normal AB blad..

RM 9.50 Ex Tax: RM 8.96

Olfa CKB-1 Blade

Olfa BladeThe blade model: CKB , a special blade for blade model: CK-1 .The blad..

RM 9.54 Ex Tax: RM 9.00

Olfa DKB-5 Spare Blades

Olfa Spare BladesStandard-duty acute angle blade for use in a multitude of applications. This blade ..

RM 4.50 Ex Tax: RM 4.25

Olfa Economy Cutter - SPC-1

Olfa Economy CutterOlfa Economy Cutter - SPC-1 from Olfa.The knife has a slim shape and light weigt ..

RM 5.62 Ex Tax: RM 5.30

Olfa HB-5B Heavy Duty Blade (5pcs/tube)

Olfa Spare BladesIf it's precision you want, choose these OLFA® snap-off blades. They are extremely ..

RM 17.90 Ex Tax: RM 16.89

Olfa KB-3 Spare Blades

Olfa Spare BladesThe blade model: KB-3 , a scalpel blade model: AK-3 .Small apex..

RM 10.20 Ex Tax: RM 9.62

Olfa LB-10 Spare Blades

Olfa Spare BladesIf it's precision you want, choose these OLFA® snap-off blades. They are extremely ..

RM 14.73 Ex Tax: RM 13.90

Olfa LBB-10 Excel Black Ultra Sharp Blade

Olfa Excel Black Ultra Sharp BladeThe 18mm Excel Black blade is 0.5mm thick and has 8 snap segments...

RM 18.25 Ex Tax: RM 17.22

Olfa NA-1 Utility Knife 9mm

Olfa Utility Knife NA-1A rubber grip provides extra stability and control for this OLFA® utility kni..

RM 23.32 Ex Tax: RM 22.00

Olfa PB-450 Blade

Olfa Blades PB-450Tungsten steel blade for the PC-S plastic/laminate cutter.WARNINGOLFA blades are e..

RM 11.55 Ex Tax: RM 10.90

Olfa PB-800 Blade

Olfa BladeCuts precise score lines on plastic and laminates. High quality Tungsten tool steel. Two c..

RM 11.90 Ex Tax: RM 11.23

Olfa PRB18-2 Perforation Blade 18mm

Olfa Perforation BladeFor ticket-making and scrapbook design. The cutter can be also used as top she..

RM 16.50 Ex Tax: RM 15.57