Bruynzeel Artist Box Colouring Pencils 12 Colours - 8805H12

As an artist, designer or illustrator, you know precisely what sort of equipment you want. The very best, so that you are able to define your style and express your emotions. Our complete Bruynzeel Design collection with graphite, colour, watercolour and pastel pencils is tailored precisely to your needs and wishes. Because you will be happy with a fine colour feel, high colour transfer, dense colour structure, excellent mixability and a harmony of colours and hardnesses.


Perfect coloured pencils have an outstanding colourtransfer and tinting strengt not only when colouring, but also years later. The tinting strenght and lightfastness of Bruynzeel Design coloured pencils are obtjectively judged recently by KM Art Material Magazine, which recommended these coloured pencils as the best choice.


Bruynzeel Design coloured pencils are made from high-quality colour pigments. That makes it easy to apply several layers of colour on top of each other. The core has a thickness of 3.7mm.
Bruynzeel Design Coloured pencils are available as 48 seperate colours and as a luxury boxes of 12, 24 and 48 pencils.



  • Artist Box containing 12 of Bruynzeel's Design branded Colouring pencils.

  • The extra thick 3.7mm colour core is made of exceptionally high quality pigments, making for superior colour transfer.

  • Bruynzeel's Colour range pencils are perfectly designed for the application of colour in layers, enabling the building of both subtle and extreme tone transfers.

  • The durability of the reinforced box makes this set perfect for transit, as well as easy storage, with its fully removable draws.

  • High quality, smooth consistency and value for money design pencils.

  • Great for colour laydown and blendability.

  • Supplied in a sturdy, protective box.


Box contains:

  • 1 X Bruynzeel Artist Box Colouring Pencils 12 Colours.



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Bruynzeel Artist Box Colouring Pencils 12 Colours - 8805H12

  • Brand: Bruynzeel
  • Product Code: 8805H12
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Dimensions: 20cm X 16cm X 2cm (LxWxH)
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