Bo Mei Hair Chalk Temporary Super Hair Dye Colorful 6 colour - 000627

Bo Mei Hair Chalk Temporary Super Hair Dye Colorful 6 colour

Hair Chalk (or Hair Chalking) is a temporary coloring technique whose aesthetic result closely resembles traditional coloring, but such similarity lies only in appearance. Instead of dyes and bleaching chemicals, this method allows you to color your hair using only chalk!

Yes loves, you read correctly. And no, I'm not going crazy or "inventing fashion". On the contrary, Hair Chalk is already a fashion adopted on a large scale by the gringo woman.


Hair Chalk - How to make colored strands in hair with pastel chalk blond hair 2


From English to chalk, chalking means to mark, write or chalk . The Hair Chalking is a fast, easy and inexpensive to add vibrant color to the hair for a short period of time (lasting 1-3 days). You can run it by yourself without compromising your style as well as the natural color of your hair.

In addition, if you like colored hair, but are afraid to color them permanently or do not know if the style would combine with you, this is a great alternative. So there is how to test the result. Or simply give a variety in the visual when your mood tells you it's "cause" day in the ballad.



How to Make Hair Chalking - Basic Step by Step


  • 1 - Moisten the area of ​​the selected hair with the spray, in this way the pigmentation will be "dissolved" and, therefore, better fixed in the wires.

If your hair is blond, or light or too porous, skip this step! In this type of hair the junction of water + chalk pigments practically forms a tincture, which will not come easily when washing the hair. However, if your intention is to remain with the coloration in the threads by several washes, here is the "secret".

To make the Chalking on dark hair, watering the yarn is an essential step . The darker the hair, the greater the amount of water needed. That is, instead of "moist", the stir should be "soaked".

  • 2 - You can twist the selected wick in order to create a texture that facilitates the application of the dry pastel, because in textured areas the chalk releases more pigments (read: crumbles better).

However, the twisting may damage and bind the wires. There is also how to apply the chalk without twisting the strands of hair. Simply separate the sections to be colored and hold them straight and steady, but you need to be more patient in order to properly colorize the non-textured areas.

  • 3 - Hold the chalk in the horizontal position and apply it in the previously twisted stir with movements from top to bottom. The counter movement will cause frizz and will embarrass the wires.

Tip: The strands can be single tone, colored or gradient composite. Use your creativity and enjoy! 
To make the gradient start with the darkest tone. In this method it is easier to go from dark to light than to do the reverse.

  • 4 - Allow to dry naturally or with the aid of a drier and, with a short bristled brush, WASH WASH lightly to remove excess chalk powder IF necessary.

For those who chose not to wet, just comb. For those who have curly hair, do not comb. 
Caution in this step, combing the chalk can cause a large cloud of chalk powders. Note: After combing the color will be attenuated. So if fading is the intention, comb it!

  • 5 - In order for the color to last longer, many finish the process with a flat or babyliss, because the heat condenses the pigments by fixing them between the cuticles of the yarn and, consequently, prolonging the duration of the color.

This is an optional step . You can dispense with it if you do not want the color to last as long and / or if your hair is very light and / or as a measure of harm reduction. After all, although it is not a chemical, the chalk powder dries the hair , and applying heat sources to dry hair is not healthy. Do you want to use chaploons or babyliss anyway? So be aware of the damage and care that should be taken in the post chalk.



Hair chalking colorful wicks how to do tutorial

Hair Chalk - How to make colored strands in hair with pastel chalk photo tutorial step by step


How to Remove Hair Chalk

When you get tired of the colored look, you already have terrified your mother / grandmother / sister-in-law with the look or simply want to wash your hair properly, use a brush of those rounded bristles to partially remove the waste chalk, wash the head well With a powerful cleaning shampoo (preferably anti-waste) and apply a good moisturizing mask. Depending on the topics mentioned above, it may not come out completely in the 1st wash, but reassure yourself, the chalk is not permanent.

The chalk powder tends to peel off the hair throughout the day, soiling the clothes used to get out. So, opt for clothes whose coloration resembles the chosen chalks. This disguises a lot if some dust comes to dust their clothes. But, reiterating, the chalk dust is easy to remove. It happens with the clothes just like it happens with the hair.

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Bo Mei Hair Chalk Temporary Super Hair Dye Colorful 6 colour - 000627

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