Copic Doodle Kit Double Ended Marker Pen ( Pack of 5 Markers & 2 Multiliner Pens )

COPIC Ciao is the inexpensive marker for beginners, pupils, students and hobby artists.

Equipped with a medium broad and a super brush nib, it can be used for any purpose. 

The ciao markers are available in 143 colour shades and one colourless blender.

The colours can be mixed on the surface or layered on top of each other. The ciao markers are alcohol based and therefore non-toxic.

They are fast drying and will not smear. With various ink they can be refilled with identical colours, thus making the ciao very economical.

The coloured caps allow for exact colour identification.

Ciao Doodle Kits make drawing more fun. 

Each of these three themes - Rainbow, Nature, and People - are color coordinated to deliver great results. 

Each seven-piece kit includes two Multiliners and five markers.



  • Color-coordinated products

  • Specially matched markers

  • Wide range of products

  • Double ended marker, with durable polyester nibs, comes with Super Brush and Medium Broad Nibs.

  • Ciao Markers come in 180 colors and are refillable.

  • Electronic production guarantees consistency of both color and output.

  • Caps come with an inner seal as well as choke proof venting for small children as a safety feature.

  • Body inscriptions and symbols are wear resistant and easily cleaned with COPIC cleaner.



  • Ethanol-based ink

  • Refillable

  • Round barrel

  • Medium broad chisel & super brush nib

  • Made in Japan



Copic Ciao Double Ended Marker Pen, Refillable - Ciao Doodle Set 7pcs Nature Kit

Doodle Kit Nature Includes

  • Ciao B95

  • Ciao BV13

  • Ciao E04

  • Ciao V12

  • Ciao G82

  • ML Wine 0.3

  • ML Olive 0.3


Copic Ciao Double Ended Marker Pen, Refillable - Ciao Doodle Set 7pcs Rainbow Kit

Doodle Kit Rainbow Includes

  • Ciao B02

  • Ciao G02

  • Ciao Y00

  • Ciao YR02

  • Ciao R22

  • ML Cobalt 0.3

  • ML Black 0.3


Copic Ciao Double Ended Marker Pen, Refillable - Ciao Doodle Set 7pcs People Kit

Doodle Kit People Includes

  • Ciao E25

  • Ciao E33

  • Ciao E50

  • Ciao RV42

  • Ciao BV000

  • ML Warm Gray 0.3

  • ML Brown 0.3

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Copic Doodle Kit Double Ended Marker Pen ( Pack of 5 Markers & 2 Multiliner Pens )

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Dimensions: 10cm X 2cm X 15cm (LxWxH)
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