Faber-Castell Mix & Match Gelatos -121801

The Gelatos Mix & Match range from Faber Castell are water-soluble crayons that can achieve an interesting array of effects for craft and art projects. With a creamy texture, they transfer to a surface - be that paper, card, canvas, wood or textile - with ease and can be blended either dry or with a wet brush. 
Other techniques that can be used are 'dripping' where the Gelatos are applied along one edge of a surface, sprayed with water and then allowed to run or drip down the surface when it is tilted, 'stamping' by wetting a rubber stamp or lino cut, applying the gelatos colour and then pressing onto a paper or fabric surface and 'spraying' when a small portion of a gelatos stick is dissolved in water and sprayed onto a surface.
The Gelatos paint sticks are contained in small, lidded plastic containers with a twist motion to push the crayon up as required. The sticks are approximately 80mm long with a diameter of 15mm.




  • Original from Faber-Castell

  • Acid-free and odourless

  • Available in Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Neutral & Metallic.

    • Set Yellow includes Tangerine, Mango, Lemon and Butter Cream.

    • Set Red includes Guava, Lavender, Bubble Gum and Red Cherry.

    • Set Blue includes Cotton Candy, Blueberry, Boysenberry and Grape.

    • Set Green includes Pistachio, Lime, Green Tea and Spearmint.

    • Set Neutral includes Peach, Butterscotch, Chocolate and Earl Grey.

    • Set Metallic includes Metallic Melon, Metallic Grape, Metallic Blueberry, Metallic Mint.



  • 4x Gelato crayons.

  • 1x Brush. 

  • 1x Clear stamp.

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Faber-Castell Mix & Match Gelatos -121801

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Dimensions: 21cm X 12cm X 2cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.06kg

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