Glitter Wall Deco

Posted by PSD 02/04/2017 0 Comment(s)



- Phoenix Canvas Panel (mine was 15x 10cm)  - RM2.50

- Gold glitter powder - RM1.90

- Loytape - RM 0.30

- Adhesive Latex Glue - RM1.80

Step 1 :  Use loytape tape to mask off the stripes you don’t want paint on.  Wrap the tape around the sides to the back so you can remove the tape more easier.  

Step 2 : Once the tape is on, apply the glue on the canvas surface.The thicker you put the glue the more dimensional it looks.  Try to stay slightly within the tape outline so the edges stay crisp.  Allow glue dry for 10 minutes. 

Step 3 : Dump on the glitter and let it set for about a minute.  When done shake off into a paper grocery bag (so you can pour the excess back into the container).  If there are any spotty areas you can touch them up with glue and glitter.  I also used a dry paintbrush and brushed away any glitter that fell outside the lines.  When done give a light coat of enamel spray or hairspray to keep the glitter in place.


Step 4 : Then remove the painter’s tape.  Happy crafting!