Pilot V-Board Master Refill Cartridges for Whiteboard Marker -B12H

Pilot V-Board Master Refill Cartridges for refilling Pilot V-Board dry wipe whiteboard markers. This whiteboard marker refill has a liquid ink that uses an advanced Twin Pipe Feed ink delivery system that provides immediate writing without the need for shaking. The ink cartridges have been designed to replace and refill your Pilot V-Board Master whiteboard marker. Simply slide the cartridge into the marker's body to refill. The cartridges are available in 3 colours and contain pure liquid ink.The cartridge body is made from 100% recycled materials and is part of Pilot Pens Begreen range of environmentally friendly recycled products.



  • Ink cartridge refills for Pilot V-Board Master whiteboard markers.

  • Innovative Twin Pipe Feed ink system that delivers constant ink flow for instant writing.

  • Uses light-resistant liquid ink.

  • Bright colours with intense luminosity allowing up to 10 meters vision.



  • 1x Pilot V-Board Master Refill Cartridges for Whiteboard Marker -B12H


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Pilot V-Board Master Refill Cartridges for Whiteboard Marker -B12H

  • Brand: Pilot
  • Product Code: B12H
  • Availability: 8
  • RM 2.40
  • Ex Tax: RM 2.40
Dimensions: 6cm X 2cm X 2cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.01kg

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