Lamy Ink Pen Refill 50ml Black Colour - T52

Lamy Ink Pen Refill 50ml Black Colour - T52

The Lamy T52 bottled ink comes with a roll of blotter tape that can be used to clean the pen after filling, or to blot writing. These ink bottles have a basin inside to assist with filling when the ink level is low. The bottle contains 50 ml of beautiful ink.




  • Washable blue, black, red, green, turquoise and blue-black
  • Blotting paper roll included
  • 50ml of Lamy ink



Box contains:


  • 1 x Lamy Ink Pen Refill 50ml Black Colour - T52



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Lamy Ink Pen Refill 50ml Black Colour - T52

  • Brand: Lamy
  • Product Code: T52BK
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  • RM 35.90
  • Ex Tax: RM 35.90
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