Pentel Arts Water Colours  (24 col x  5ml) -WFRS-24


  • Blend easily to create subtle hues. 
  • Dry evenly, fade-resistant, will not crack or flake.
  • Plastic tubes allow every last drop of paint to be used.
  • Packing Contents: Box of 15's, 5ml per tube.



  • 1x Pentel Arts Water Colours  (24 col x  5ml) -WFRS-24

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Pentel Arts Water Colours (24 col x 5ml) -WFRS-24

  • Brand: Pentel
  • Product Code: 471157702570
  • Availability: 8
  • RM 39.90
  • Ex Tax: RM 39.90
Dimensions: 24cm X 15cm X 2cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.32g
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