Stabilo Swans Premium Edition Colour Pencils 12 Colour Half Length-1863B


  • Premium colored pencils with pencils with bigger and better quality 3.8mm lead for picture-perfect drawings.
  • Broader lead for faster and wider coverage.
  • Bigger lead for longer usage.
  • Brilliant and brighter color tones with soft lead.
  • Better quality lead with minimum breakage and lead-flaking.
  • Blends smoother and easier for better coverage.
  • Free Sharpener



  • 1x Stabilo Swans Premium Edition Colour Pencils 12 Colour Half Length-1863B

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Stabilo Swans Premium Edition Colour Pencils 12 Colour Half Length-1863B

  • Brand: Stabilo
  • Product Code: 955609112395
  • Availability: 4706
  • RM 3.70
  • Ex Tax: RM 3.70
  • 12 or more at RM 3.60
Dimensions: 9cm X 11cm X 1cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.06kg
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